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IoP Theory of Condensed Matter Group Annual Meeting 2010

University of Warwick, Thursday 3rd June 2010

This is an opportunity for all interested in Condensed Matter Theory to meet and to hear talks from four invited speakers. Poster presentations are also welcomed.


10.30 - 16.50 To include 4 Speakers, Poster Session and Lunch

Speakers and Titles:
Mark Dennis, Bristol, 'Knotted and tangled quantized vortices in optical fields';
Ray Goldstein, Cambridge, 'Evolutionary Transitions to Multicellularity';
Lucia Hackermuller, MUARC Nottingham, 'Interacting ultracold fermions in optical lattices - a simulator for solid matter physics?' ;
Angelos Michaelides, LCN at UCL, 'Electronic structure simulations of water-solid interfaces and the initial stages of ice nucleation'

Please register ONLINE before Tuesday 25th May 2010.

Meeting Organisers: Nigel Cooper and Nicholas d'Ambrumenil

For further details contact, tel: +44 (0) 24 7652 3982