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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems 2021

Image: Big Bangrball

This special online conference "Statistical Physics of Complex Systems" is in honour of Professor Robin Ball who will give the Plenary Talk "Emergent Behaviour across Lengthscales and Time".

When: Wednesday 23rd June and Thursday 24th June 2021

Where: Online

Registration - Please note that all participants must register by accessing this link before the 31st May, 2021. Registered participants will receive a link to the event via email.

Recordings: A link to recordings of the talks can be found on the top left of this page.

Invited speakers include:

Rafi Blumenfeld (Cambridge) Self-organisation of dense granular matter: non-equilibrium entropy and detailed balance.

Jurgen Branke (Warwick) How many samples are enough? Simulated Annealing to optimise complex systems under noise.

Michael Cates (Cambridge) Informatic versus Thermodynamic Entropy Production in Active Matter.

Marina Diakonova (Banco de Espana) From Persistent Mutual Information to data-driven modelling: a sample path.

Oliver Dyer (Warwick) The role of entropy in biological liquid-liquid phase separation.

Robert Mackay (Warwick) Thermoeconomics.

Tom McLeish (York) "Proteins are rough - don't try doing physics with them" said Sam Edwards - how Robin Ball led me astray.

Debabrata Panja (Utrecht) Entanglement entropy as a measure for complexity of temporal networks.

Margarida Telo da Gama (Lisbon) Non-equilibrium interfaces.

Patrick Warren (STFC Hartree Centre) The Amontons-Coulomb friction laws in fibrous materials -- why clothes don't fall apart.

David Weitz (Harvard) Fracture of Colloidal Gels: New Insight into an Old System.

Tom Witten (Chicago) Stochastic synchronization induced by noisy driving.

Conference Photograph

Conference Photo (David Quigley)