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Quantum Information Science


About us

We are interested in most aspects of quantum information science. The exact interests flow and evolve, but a good idea of the ongoing activities can be obtained here.

We investigate topics theoretically with fundamental aspects in mind, but are also driven by experimental challenges and technological ramifications that require new theoretical rethinking. Further details available in Research.

We are part of the UK consortium on Quantum-enhanced Interferometry for New Physics, the ExCALIBUR cross-cutting project on Quantum Enhanced and Verified Exascale Computing, the EU Quantum Flagship project MIRAQLS, and the UKSA project LOTIS.

We were part of the Networked Quantum Information Technologies hub and the Quantum Enhanced Imaging hub.

Join Us

PhD position available.

Deadline: March 20, 2024.

We are always interested to hear from talented and motivated scientists. If you wish to join the group, see here or get in touch.