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Theory of Condensed Matter Group Annual Meeting 2016

University of Warwick, Wednesday 1st June 2016

This is an opportunity for all interested in Condensed Matter Theory to meet. There will be four talks and poster presentations.

Provisional Programme (PDF Document)

10.30 - 17:00 To include 4 Speakers, Poster Session and Lunch

Speakers and Titles:
Mike Cates, Cambridge, What is the pressure of an active suspension?
Sania Jevtic, Imperial, Disentangling entangled quantum states
Hai-Qing Lin, Beijing, Study of Superconductivity in Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Hannah Price, Trento, Synthetic Gauge Fields in Synthetic Dimensions with Ultracold Atoms and Integrated Photonics

Please register ONLINE .

Meeting Organisers: Andrew Morris, Mike Payne and Nicholas d'Ambrumenil (local organisation)

For further details contact, tel: +44 (0) 24 7652 3982

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Registered Delegates (27/5/2016)