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Publications and Preprints

Group Publications by Year

2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997. Only 'Warwick' address publications included.


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Only publications with the addresses indicated will be listed [W=Warwick].

These lists have been checked for the period 2001 onwards, and should be complete for main publications. Older data may not be complete and have not been fully checked for false hits.

Preprints by Staff

Links generate live search and access to full text of papers.

MP Allen on Los Alamos cond-mat

RC Ball on Los Alamos archives

N D'Ambrumenil on Los Alamos cond-mat

B Muzykantskii on Los Alamos cond-mat

R A Roemer on Los Alamos archives

G Rowlands on Los Alamos archives

E Somfai on Los Alamos cond-mat

J B Staunton on Los Alamos cond-mat

 all the above on Los Alamos archive

MS Turner on: his public preprint list, Los Alamos archives.

M J Hadley on Los Alamos archives