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10/2017-04/2018 Warwick Ventures Impact Fund, "PDB2Movie" web server, PI, £15000
10/2016-03/2019 UK-India Education and Research Initiative, University Grants Commission "Thematic Partnership Award", PI with Prof. Arunava Chakrabarti (Kalyani University, Calcut), UGC-UKERI-2016-17-004, £26680
05/2016-06/2016 Warwick Institute of Advanced Study, International Fellowship (Prof. Hai-Qing Lin, Prof. Xiwen Guan), PI, IAS/24216/15, £2962.14

EPSRC, Ab-initio modelling of Anderson localization in doped semiconductors, PI, ARCHER RAP project, e420, £24,240.60

03/2015-10/2015 Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, President’s International Fellowship for Visiting Senior Scientists, PI, host: Prof. Xiwen Guan
09/2015-08/2017 EPSRC, Cross-scale prediction of Antimicrobial Resistance: from molecules to populations, CI, network, EPSRC EP/M027503/1, £501,448
04/2015-06/2015 Hartree Centre (STFC), Ultra-large scale rogue wave cascade model systems, CI, BG/Q Access Project HCBG109-Eberhard
11/2014-06/2015 IATL Academic Fellowship, Science, Maths and Music, CI, £5000
11/2014-10/2015 EPSRC, Bloch-Wave Simulations for digital large angle convergent beam electron diffraction, PI, ARCHER RAP project, e370, £20,798.90
01/2014-05/2014 Hartree Centre (STFC), Ultra long time window simulations of optical communication systems, CI, BG/Q Access Project HCBG092-Eberhard
10/2013-04/2014 EPSRC, Massively parallel simulation of rogue wave occurrence in optical communication systems, PI, HECToR 1B project, e292
09/2013-02/2014 Hartree Centre (STFC), Ultra long time window simulations of optical communication systems, CI, BG/Q Access Project HCBG055-Eberhard
08/2012-02/2013 EPSRC, Optical communication systems on GPGPUs, CI, HECToR access for GPGPU test bed, ge236
07/2012-09/2012 Nuffield Foundation, Hydrogenated graphene, PI, student summer project
01/2012-08/2012 EPSRC, Simulations of Optical Communications Systems, CI, HECToR access class 2, e236, £36,254.40
04/2012-03/2015 EPSRC, Simulating cold interacting atoms on disordered optical lattices, PI, PhD student, EPSRC EP/J003476/1, £132,851
04/2012-03/2015 EPSRC, Digital Precession Electron Diffraction, CI, PDRA, EPSRC EP/J009229/1, £478,742
04/2012-03/2015 EPSRC, EPSRC Fund for Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Transferable Skills Training, PI, Physics Days at Warwick, £5000
08/2011-07/2012 Institute of Advanced Study, incubation award, PI, Protein Biology and Biophysics Network (PBBP, Warwick, UK)
07/2011-09/2011 Nuffield Foundation, de Broglie-Bohm description of the excitonic Aharonov-Bohm effect, PI, student summer project, £1200
05/2011 Royal Society, India-UK Scientific Seminar Protein BioPhysics 2011, PI, collaboration with Prof. Saraswathi Vishweshwara, Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore, India)
03/2011 Royal Society, travel grant, PI, conference New Frontiers in Quantum Foundations (CUPI 2011, Clemson, USA), £1500
07/2010-09/2010 Nuffield Foundation, Solving the three-dimensional Anderson model as a one-dimensional quantum system with correlated disorder, PI, student summer project
03/2009-02/2010 Royal Society, India-UK Science Networks, PI, collaboration with Dr A Chakrabarti, University of Kalyani (Bengal, India)
09/2008 Royal Society, travel grant, PI, conference 6th International Workshop on Disordered Systems (Cordoba, Argentina)
09/2008-10/2009 EPSRC, Challenges in Scientific Computing, CI, conference QuantSim09, EP/F032323/1
07/2008-06/2013 EPSRC, On-chip milliKelvin electronic refrigerator for astronomical and quantum device applications, CI, Ph.D. project studentship, EP/F040784/1, £1,069,459
04/2007-03/2010 Leverhulme Trust, Electronic Transport in DNA, Interactions and Finite Temperature Effects, PI, PDRA project
06/2006-09/2006 Nuffield Foundation, Magnetoluminescence of excitons in nano-rings, PI, student summer project
10/2005-09/2009 EPSRC, Applications of Sparse Matrix Techniques to Disordered Systems, PI, M.Sc./Ph.D. project studentship, EP/C007042/1
10/2005-09/2012 EPSRC, MSc Training Centre in High-End Scientific Computing, CI, central funding for M.Sc. teaching resources, EP/C528662/1
10/2005-09/2009 BBSRC, Habitat Complexity and Biodiversity in Agro-Ecosystems, CI, Ph.D. project studentship
04/2005-03/2006 Royal Society, international incoming short term visits, Dr. Antonio Rodriguez, Universidad Madrid
12/2004 International Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics, support for Ruhuna International School on Computational and Mathematical Physics (RISCMAP), 20-31 Dec 2004
12/2004 International Mathematical Union, support for Ruhuna International School on Computational and Mathematical Physics (RISCMAP), 20-31 Dec 2004
12/2004 The Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, support for Ruhuna International School on Computational and Mathematical Physics (RISCMAP), 20-31 Dec 2004
03/2000-10/2005 Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, priority research program Quanten-Hall-Systeme (Prof. R. Haug), project leader
07/1999-10/2002 DAAD/ARC project-based personnel exchange program with the Imperial College London (Prof. A. MacKinnon)
01/1999-12/2001 DAAD/NSF project-based personnel exchange program with the University of Utah (Prof. M. Raikh)
01/1996-10/2002 Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, special joint research program Numerical simulations with massively parallel computers (SFB393)
  Further support through the Saxonian Ministry of Science and Art (1998, 1999, 2001), the WE Heraeus foundation (1993, 1998) and MINERVA (1991)