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MSc e-Business Management: Digital and Data Science specialism

Digital and Data Science Specialism
With the rapid growth of digitalisation and use of digital technologies and solutions, the analysis of Big Data represents both a significant challenge for modern organisations, and a source for competitive advantage.

This specialism gives students a firm grounding in the techniques and tools of Big Data, data science and artificial intelligence, as well as in the digital solutions and business functions that employ these insights to support digitalisation.

As part of this specialism, you will be required to take a total of 90 CATs worth of modules. Three modules will be taken by all e-Business Management students (see the shared module list below) and all five modules will be taken from the specialist list (Digital & Data Science modules).

Course modules

Shared modules (taken by all e-BM students)
Required modules for Digital & Data Science specialism

*In the process of approval. Expected for 2019/2020

Your project

Your project is worth 50% of your final grade (90 CATs) and supports you in developing your personal research skills. If you opt for the Digital and Data Science specialism, your project should focus on management or technology-related issues in companies involved digital and data science.

Example job roles for graduates of the Digital & Data Science specialism may include:
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analytics Specialist
  • Solutions Architect