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WMG was founded by Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya in 1980 to help reinvigorate UK manufacturing. From its inception, WMG’s mission has been to improve the competitiveness of organisations through the application of value adding innovation, new technologies and skills deployment - bringing academic rigour to industrial and organisational practice. The Group has grown into an international role model for how universities and business can successfully work together, with Professor Lord Bhattacharyya continuing to lead as Chairman of WMG.


Our education programmes attract students from across the globe who recognise and value our approach to research and impact driven education. Our strong links with industry enable our students to understand in detail what will be expected of them when working in the global economy. Professionals from a wide range of sectors recognise that our unique combination of experience and academic excellence will elevate their career to a higher level.


As well as outstanding education, WMG is at the forefront of innovative technology, leading major multi-partner projects to create and develop exciting new processes and products that can lead to major breakthroughs and be of huge benefit to organisations. As such, we are carrying out applied research in fields such as low carbon mobility, healthcare and business.


As an international group, we have collaborative centres in the UK, India, China, Malaysia, Cyprus, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey. As advocates of manufacturing, innovation and technology, we provide expert advice to many overseas governments who have visited us to study how we operate and to develop similar initiatives in their countries. As pioneers of working with business, we have hosted many high profile visits to show the impact universities can have on business and industry.


Further support and information


On behalf of WMG, we would like to offer you a warm welcome. We are delighted that you have chosen to study here for your master's degree.


Useful Information

If you are not a British or Irish national, and do not already hold a visa or immigration status which permits study on this course at Warwick, you will need a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) to apply for a Warwick-sponsored student visa (formerly known as Tier 4). You cannot enrol on this course using a student visa sponsored by another university.

This includes nationals of EEA countries other than Ireland, unless you have already obtained or are eligible for status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

Getting your CAS

From mid-July onwards, once your offer is unconditional and you have accepted it, we will send you a pre-CAS email. This email is sent automatically to the email address(es) you specified on your application form and will be entitled 'Action Required'.

When you receive the email, follow the instructions carefully, since it requires you to confirm important details such as your passport number. If you need to change any details, you will receive a second email asking you to check and confirm.

Once you have confirmed your details are correct and that you require a Warwick student visa, we will email you a "CAS number." Remember the information provided with your "CAS number" needs to be used in conjunction with the Student Route visa application information.

If you need specific immigration advice, please first check the information on the Immigration Service website and contact them if you are unsure. We're sorry, but the WMG Admissions team cannot help with detailed immigration related questions.

If you reside outside of the UK and require local support, check if we have an overseas office in your country of residence.

Important Visa-related Issues

The Student Immigration & Compliance team has put together a New Student FAQ which contains a list of most commonly asked questions by offer holders and will be updating them regularly in the run up to your course start date.

Full guidance can be found on our website regarding the process and requirements of a student visa application. We recommend reading this carefully before you apply.

Financial Evidence

If you are applying for your visa from outside of the UK (or inside of the UK under certain circumstances), you will need to provide financial evidence that covers your tuition fees and maintenance. There are strict requirements around the amount of funds you must show, how you must show them, what kind of bank accounts are acceptable, and how long the funds have been held in your account for. Usually, the financial evidence you provide must be dated within 31 days of the visa application, and show that the required funds have been held in the account for 28 consecutive days counting back from that date. We provide detailed guidance on how to meet the financial requirement.

If you are one of the "Low-Risk Nationalities" and meet other requirements, you are not required to submit financial documents with your visa application. However, we strongly advise that you prepare the required financial evidence anyway. This is because you will be asked to declare that you meet the requirement on the application form, and the UKVI caseworker can ask you to provide the evidence as a random check. If you are unable to provide the evidence when requested, your application could be refused.

If you are awarded a WMG Scholarship or bursary this will show on your CAS as reduced tuition fees.

If you receive a scholarship from us after your CAS has been created, it can be credited to your CAS after your CAS is issued. You will not be given a new CAS - your CAS will be electronically updated with your Scholarship information - please check that you have received an email from our Student Finance team confirming your CAS has been updated before you apply for your visa.

If you make any tuition fee payments before applying for your visa, this money will also be reflected electronically on your CAS. You will not be issued with a new CAS, so please make sure your CAS has been updated before you make your visa application. You should receive an email from the Student Finance Office confirming that your CAS has been updated. If you have not received this within five days of making your payment and you are going for your visa interview, please check with the Student Finance Office: or the WMG Admissions Team:



Welcome to WMG