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Quality of Written Work

Guidance on the way in which WMG judge the quality of written work is found in the web pages related to coursework and projects. In addition, we provide guidance on how to get the best out of your wordprocessing software! (see links on this page)

Guidance on how to write a module assignment is generally provided during your course induction. However, In addition, the University provides several sources of assistance for academic writing to all students through the University Careers and Skills centre web-site .

    Other UK Universities also provide similar advice, for example:

    In all elements of the course, actions which weaken the educative process (such as shameless copying in the laboratory, drawing office or on computing tasks) or dishonest actions (such as quoting in essays or reports from books, handouts or the work of other students without explicitly stating that this is being done) are firmly discouraged in WMG. Guidance is provided on how to properly reference sources to avoid being accused of copying or cheating can be found on sub-pages to this page (see relevant links on the left hand side of this page)

    If you "re-use" earlier work that you have submitted for this course credit (or other courses) this MUST be properly referenced as well.

    You are advised to read both these sections of the web-page carefully before starting any written work which will contribute to the credit for your course.