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Below is a list of members of staff assigned as RAE Tutors for the 2021-22 academic year.

The table below gives a brief description of the RAE tutors' research interests and their class meeting time/s.

RAE classes begin in week 2 of the Autumn term.

Name Research Interest Day Start Time End time Room
Eman Abdulla
  • Applied Labour Economics and Macroeconomics. In particular, the “Future of Work” research, the task content of occupations, unemployment dynamics and labour productivity.
  • Economics of the Middle East.
  • Gender Economics and Women related research.




Lory Barile Main research areas include behavioural and experimental economics, public sector economics, and environmental economics. More specific topics include tax evasion, benefits fraud, charitable giving, gender competition, nudging, and recycling behaviour/attitudes. Monday 10am 11am  
Jonathan Cave Applied theory, with special interests in financial economics, regulation, privacy, cybersecurity, platform/2-sided markets and other Internet-related issues (Internet of Things, Machine Learning/AI, algorithms, data science/ethics), health economics and game theory. Thursday 09:00 10:00  
Mingli Chen My research interests include Econometrics, Financial Econometrics & Machine Learning Monday 16:00 17:00  
Natalie Chen International economics Monday 11:00 12:00  
Jose Corpuz

Economic History, Development Economics

Monday 15:00 16:00  

Subhashish Dey

Group 1

Applied Microeconometrics, Development Economics, Political Economy, Social Protection and Social Policy, Impact Evaluation.




Subhashish Dey

Group 2

Applied Microeconometrics, Development Economics, Political Economy, Social Protection and Social Policy, Impact Evaluation.

Monday 11:00 12:00  
Alexander Dobson Behavioural Economics and the Economics of Happiness. Monday 10:00 11:00  
Amira Elasra Education Economics, Labour Economics, Human Resources Economics and Applied Microeconometrics

Term 1-Friday

Term 2- Friday 11:00-12:00



Caroline Elliott

I work in Applied Industrial Economics and Education Economics. Recent research has focused on competition policy impacts; and the impact of advertising and quality signals on consumers in the education and cultural economics (film and music) sectors.

Monday 13:00 14:00  

Stefania Paredes Fuentes

  • Natural resource curse
  • The relationship between institutions and inequality,
  • the Effects of ‘Fair Trade’ policies on producer communities,
  • Human Rights and Macroeconomics,
  • topics on Teaching Economics in Higher Education

I prefer not to supervise finance-related projects and topics related to football/soccer and betting.

Tuesday 09:00 10:00  
Arthur Galichere

I study macroeconomics and my main research interests in this field are:

  • Asset price bubbles
  • Macroeconomic theory and policies
  • Financial intermediation and stability
  • Macroeconomic models with heterogeneous agents
Thursday 18:00 19:00  
Kobi Glazer

My areas of expertise are: Theoretical aspects of Health Economics and Industrial Organization

Tuesday 16:00 17:00  
Andrew Harkins Economics of networks: games on networks, network segregation and homophily, contagion in financial/production networks, network measures of systemic risk, word-of mouth learning, peer effects, network epidemiology. Other areas include game theory, organisational/industrial economics, rational inattention and models of bounded rationality Thursday 10:00 11:00  
Clement Imbert

I do empirical work on migration, labour and social protection in developing countries. I would be happy to supervise projects on gender and environmental issues as well.

Monday 10:00 11:00  

Subham Kailthya

I do empirical work on the analysis of firm productivity, the role of transportation infrastructure on economic activity, and the impact of weather shocks in developing countries. Topics with a similar focus would be of interest.

Thursday 13:00 14:00  
Fatih Kansoy
  • Central Banking
  • Financial Economics
  • Machine Learning for Finance
  • Economics of Artificial Intelligence
Monday 13:00 14:00  
Alex Karalis Isaac Time series econometrics, especially in relation to applied macro, monetary economics and business cycles. Tuesday 12:00 13:00  
Emil Kostadinov Any topics that focuses on Applied Microeconometrics, in particular Labour Economics and Labour-Market Outcomes. Also happy to discuss topics in Simulation-Based Macroeconomics and Labour Economics. Friday 15:00 16:00  
Victor Lavy

Area of expertise: economics of education

Term 1-Tuesday

Term 2- Tuesday 10:00-11:00



Cecilia Lanata Briones

Economic History. History of Economic Thought. Historical production and use of quantitative knowledge. Economic Development.

Term 1- Tuesday 12:00-13:00

Term 2- Tuesday 10:00-11:00

Minh Tung Le My research interests primarily lie in the field of Formal Model of Elections, Political Economy, Public Economics, Economics of Information. Other research areas include but not limited to Game Theory, Industrial Economics, Contract Theory and Theoretical Behavioural Economics. Friday 16:00 17:00  
Neil Lloyd Applied microeconomics fields, including Labour Economics, Development Economics, and Public Policy. Topics of particular interest include self-employment and the informal economy; labour market institutions and inequality; unemployment and subjective well-being Thursday 09:00 10:00  

Andreas Markoulakis

Behavioral and Experimental Economics, especially with respect to risk attitudes and time preferences. Microeconometric and statistical analysis of the above topics. Applications of these topics in environmental economics.

Monday 14:00 15:00  
Thomas Martin Applied microeconometrics, development economics, education economics, welfare measurement and impact evaluation




Sharun Mukand Political Economy and Development Economics Monday 12:00 13:00  
Abhinay Muthoo

Broad interests, and across almost all areas of economics (and some areas of politics). 

Monday 13:00 14:00  

Mahnaz Nazneen

Topics in Behavioural and Experimental Economics, especially Social Preferences, Social Identity, Gender, Cooperation, Personality, Intelligence, Mood/ Emotion.

Monday 13:00 14:00  

Samuel Obeng

Political economy, Public Finance, International Economics and Applied Macroeconomics.

Tuesday 14:00 15:00  

Kirill Pogorelskiy

Microeconomic theory with a focus on game-theoretic models in political economy, laboratory experiments

Tuesday 17:00 18:00  

Michela Redoano

I work in the areas of public economics, political economy and behavioral economics.

Thursday 14:00 15:00  
Claudia Rei

Economic History, Economic Development, Applied Microeconomics, Institutions, International migrations.

Tuesday 10:00 11:00  
Ernil Sabaj My main research areas include Macroeconomics with a focus on fiscal policy, monetary economics and business cycles Friday 10:00 11:00  
Daniel Scroi

I work in Experimental and Behavioural Economics (including subjective wellbeing or “Happiness Economics”) and my recent focus has been on attempting to understand how psychological traits, cognitive biases, mood, language and beliefs affect behaviour.

Thursday 10:00 11:00  
Christian Soegaard International trade Industrial organisation Political economy Labour economics. Thursday 16:00 17:00  
Andreas Stegmann

My fields are political economy and development economics.

Friday 18:00 19:00  
Thijs Van Rens My fields are macro, labour and health economics. Specifically, I have worked on unemployment, wages, productivity, labour market mismatch (skills gap), inequality, and diet/obesity.


17:00 18:00  

Atiyeh Yeganloo

Behavioural and experimental economics, Decision making under risk and uncertainty, Behavioural game theory, Cooperation, Social Preferences.





Han Zhang

My research interest is: Time series econometrics (primary), Applied Econometrics Monday 16:00 17:00  

Natalia Zinovyeva

Topics in Applied Microeconometrics, in particular Labour Economics, Economics of Education, Gender Economics, Economics of Science and Innovation.

Term 1-Thursday

Term 2- Thursday 12:00-13:00




Isleide Zissimos

International Economic Development, Institutions and Political Economy. Tuesday 11:00 12:00