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Christmas Potatoes: Mash vs Roast

As the festive season approaches, the debate of Mash vs Roast potatoes takes centre stage in the culinary conversations of Christmas dinner enthusiasts. The University of Warwick weighs in on this perennial debate, delving into the historical significance of the potato and offering an expert opinion from food historian and professor Rebecca Earle.

Wed 20 Dec 2023, 09:00 | Tags: Christmas

MAKE WAY FOR SANTA: British Researchers Combatting Space Junk Ahead of Christmas

The expanding clutter in space, driven by an influx of orbiting satellites, poses a significant challenge. This surge in space traffic is accelerating the build-up of discarded satellite parts, rocket remnants, and other fragments of debris, threatening critical spacecraft. Committed to tackling this issue, experts at the University of Warwick are studying these burgeoning hazards to safeguard our satellite infrastructure – and of course, make the path clear for Father Christmas.

Mon 18 Dec 2023, 08:42 | Tags: Christmas, Space, Space Junk

Test Tube Turkey: University of Warwick researcher explores Christmas Dinners of the Future with lab-grown meat

Christmas Dinners are one of the UK’s most cherished traditions, and Christmas menus have evolved greatly over the years. Today, turkey is the typical meat of choice, going back 500 years it was beef, venison, and wild boar in Henry VIII’s festive feasts. Looking to the future, researchers at the University of Warwick think that lab-grown meat, or cultivated meat, might end up being the centrepiece on our Christmas tables.

Fri 15 Dec 2023, 09:00 | Tags: Christmas

Science that Sleighs: Christmas 2023 kicks-off with Christmas Lectures at the University of Warwick

Christmas landed at the University of Warwick this week, as Christmas Lecturers made a return for another year. They featured some of the university's most esteemed scientists stepping out of their labs to amaze attendees in the spirit of Christmas.

Fri 01 Dec 2023, 09:24 | Tags: Christmas

Celebrating the Spirit of Togetherness this Christmas at The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is bringing together its students, staff and the local community to celebrate the Spirit of Togetherness this Christmas with a diverse programme of activities, events and shows.  

Fri 24 Nov 2023, 15:15 | Tags: campus, Warwick Arts Centre, Christmas

Clearing the skies for Santa this Christmas: The researchers tackling junk in space

As scores of children prepare to look to the skies this Christmas Eve, they will be relieved to know scientists are helping to clear a path for Santa in space.

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