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Data, Science and Society

  • Living in the generation of big data presents a wealth of multidisciplinary research challenges in how we understand the nature and uses of big data and the impact of data on our daily lives
  • Our status as a founding member of the Alan Turing Institute places our researchers on a world stage
  • Together with Warwick Manufacturing Group, and in collaboration with all faculties, we will position the University as the premier research centre for data science, with a focus on health, manufacturing and transport
  • Examples include: Behavioural economics, decision making, resilience, the construction of risk, ethical challenges and opportunities posed by artificial intelligence, individual freedom, privacy vs. convenience, democratisation and smart cities
  • Our research will contribute to the development of cyber security and artificial intelligence technologies and their impact on society
  • This theme includes the challenge of how research embraces the digital agenda across all of our faculties.