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We are an internationally recognised centre for translational research in sustainable agriculture, horticulture and food security.

The School of Life Sciences was ranked 2nd in the UK for Agriculture, Food and Veterinary research in the Government's 2014 “Research Excellence”

The AHDB-funded AMBER project led by Dave Chandler is designed to identify practical ways to improve biopesticide performance in protected crops.

Scientific Reports logoCharacterisation of pathogen specific regions and novel effector candidates in Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cepae

Andrew D. Armitage, Andrew Taylor, Maria K. Sobczyk, Laura Baxter, Bethany PJ Greenfield, Helen J Bates, Fiona Wilson, Alison C Jackson, Sascha Ott, Richard J Harrison & John Clarkson

A reference-quality assembly of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cepae (Foc), the causative agent of onion basal rot has been generated along with genomes of additional pathogenic and non-pathogenic isolates of onion. Phylogenetic analysis confirmed a single origin of the Foc pathogenic lineage. FTF1 and a subset of other transcription factors implicated in regulation of effector expression were found to be expressed in planta

Scientific Reports. September 2018

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