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Our Equipment

Our Equipment

The Advanced Bioimaging RTP currently has 2 transmission electron microscopes, a plunge-freezer, a cryo-capable ultramicrotome, dedicated staining bench, cryo-transfer bench, a carbon coater, and a glow discharger. We can do resin embedding of samples as a service and assist with preparation of biological samples for scanning electron microscopy

JEOL2100Plus TEM

The Jeol 2100Plus is a 200kV LaB6 instrument fitted with a Gatan OneView IS camera. It is set up for room temperature or cryo use. This is our workhorse electron microscope and is the first machine you will be trained on. Training takes two 3-hour training sessions, followed by two or more "supervised" sessions until you are able to use this machine independently for room-temperature TEM. For cryo-TEM, the training process takes a few days.

Refeyn Mass Photometer

The mass photometer can measure the mass and homogeneity of proteins and protein complexes, in solution and in their native state.

It is free to use and training takes about 15 minutes.


For cryo-TEM grid preparation, we use a Leica GP2 plunge-freezer. We have a Gatan 626 holder for routine cryo-imaging and a 914 holder for high-tilt imaging.

Image Analysis

We support analysis of datasets a variety of platforms. For single images we can provide help with ImageJ/FIJI to insert scale bars and improve contrast. We can help with the reconstruction of tomograms using IMOD. We support RELION for 2D averaging and cryoEM structure determination.

Coming soon

We are in the process of purchasing a cryo-SEM with array tomography capability.


The Jeol 2200FS is a 200kV FEG transmission cryo-electron microscope with in-column energy filter and a top of the line Gatan K2 Summit director electron detector. It is equipped with a semi-automated data collection system for single-particle samples and tomography.

This machine is primarily used for high-resolution structural biology applications.