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What we do

Phage K in pre- and post activation forms

Viruses and phage

  • Purity and homogeneity of prep
  • Assembly, contamination or storage problems
  • Particle counting
  • 3D structure

resin-embedded mammalian tissue

Ultrastructure and organelle morphology

  • Ultrastructure of cells and tissue
  • Organelle morphology
  • Analysis of mutants and knockouts
  • 3D structure


Nanoparticles and liposomes

  • Size measurements
  • Uni- vs multilamellar liposomes
  • Membrane thickness
  • Nanoparticle ultrastructure

E. coli, resin embedded


  • Bacterial ultrastructure
  • Bacterial division defects
  • 3D structure of bacterial components
  • Nanoparticle binding and uptake
  • Ultrastructure of biofilms


Proteins and complexes

  • Purity and homogeneity of prep
  • Conformation analysis
  • Flexibility and range of movement
  • High-resolutions 3D structure
  • Optimisation and screening for regional facilities

cellular surface protein labelled with gold beads

Locating targets within samples

  • Immunolabelling in resin
  • Tokuyasu immunolabelling
  • Correlative light and electron microscopy
  • Light sheet fluorescence microscopy