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Transferring from another university

This procedure applies to all students wishing to transfer to the University, including those transferring with a supervisor who is moving to Warwick.

How do I apply to transfer?

In order to transfer your registration for a research degree to the University of Warwick from another university, you need to apply for admission to the University through Postgraduate Admissions.

What information will the application form require?

You should indicate on your application form that you wish to transfer to Warwick from XX, noting that you've already completed XX months of your registration as a research postgraduate student, and that you've secured the preliminary agreement of XX to supervise you to completion. Postgraduate Admissions can advise further on completing the application form if necessary.

Do I need authorisation from my current University?

Prior to submitting an application to transfer to Warwick, you should secure the agreement of the institution at which you're currently registered. Please note that Warwick may need to contact this institution to obtain relevant information on your student records.

Who will approve my application at Warwick?

If your department is in support of your application, it will be considered by the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies. If approved, Postgraduate Admissions will write to you on behalf of the University to make an offer of admission.

How long will I be registered here for?

Transferring students are not normally permitted to register for less than one academic year, but an appropriate period will be agreed between you, your department and the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies.

Will I need to submit any work?

You may be asked to provide a copy of written work and an outline of your thesis so your department can consider your request to transfer fully.

Will I be awarded a Warwick degree?

The University regulations apply to all students registered at Warwick, including those who have completed part of their degree at another institution. The University is unable to award a Warwick degree to students who study less than 50% of their registration period at the University.