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Guide to examinations for higher degrees by research

This guide is intended for candidates and examiners, examination advisors, chairs of department, directors of graduate study and supervisors. It sets out the expectations of the University with regard to the examination of research degrees and the procedures to be followed in the conduct of research degree examinations.

The guide is divided into three parts: Although students, staff and examiners will find the most important information relating to their roles and responsibilities in the part addressed directly to them, cross-referencing has been used to help users of the guide find relevant information as easily as possible.

Further advice on all aspects of the University’s procedures and regulations relating to research degree examinations may be obtained from the Doctoral College, University House. Enquiries should be directed to the Doctoral College in the first instance (tel.: 024 765 75533), internal extension 75533, email .

Note: Where a University officer is named in the Regulation, this refers to the member of staff concerned or his/her authorised nominee/deputy.

Guide to Examination of Higher Degrees by Research 9/92

Revised 9/93, 9/94, 9/95, 9/96, 6/99, 11/99, 07/01, 05/02, 12/05, 2/08, 01/09, 10/09, 08/11, 06/12, 09/12, 07/13, 01/14, 06/14, 07/14, 11/15, 06/16, 03/17, 07/17

Approved by BGS (CA) 20 July 2017

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