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PGR Professional Development Framework

The PGR Professional Development Framework is based on six key themes and is intended to introduce coherence across the institution, while recognising disciplinary differences. All postgraduate researchers should have fair and comparable access to professional development opportunities that will allow them to:

  • identify and develop specific skills;
  • acquire the knowledge and expertise to achieve standards of excellence in their research;
  • be competitive in their professional life as they move into future employment or study.

The Warwick Framework has been developed in line with the UK Research Councils (UKRI) expectation that all postgraduate researchers will have a minimum of ten days of professional development and skills activity, and that the provision of transferable skills should form a fundamental part of doctoral training.

10 days training

Broadening Your Academic Skills that may be directly applied to your individual research projects e.g. digital tools for researchers

Research Ethics and Governance shows you how to effectively navigate academic infrastructre to gain the information and data essential to your doctoral studies e.g. research integrity

Impact and Public Engagement helps you articulate the social, economic or cultural value of your research to a range of backgrounds e.g. getting published

Developing Your Academic Profile encourages you to consider how to engage with a range of academic audiences and how this can affect your research e.g. the confident networker

Personal Effectiveness creates a safe space, outside your department/CDT, where you can reflect on your strengths and achievements e.g interpersonal skills

Career Development equips you for the requirements/realities of academic careers as well as for developing research careers outside academic e.g. essential leadership skills.

Abut the Researcher Development Framework

By taking steps to identify and develop specific skills, you will acquire the knowledge and expertise to achieve standards of excellence in your research and in your professional life as you move from your postgraduate programme into future employment or study.

The Framework enables you to:

  1. take control and be responsible for your own professional development;
  2. review your current skills and identify any areas that you may wish to develop for your research and personally;
  3. record development activity in one place and be able to easily identify and book onto/or self-certify activities;
  4. recognise all the skills you are already acquiring as part of your research programme.


Warwick SkillsForge supports your Professional Development Framework. Find out more, including user guides, here.


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