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RD Resources

Researcher Development helps you get the best out of Warwick from your time here, and most importantly get the best from yourself.

RD Handbook

Check out the RD HandbookLink opens in a new window which gives details of all the workshops and support available to you, both online and in person over the Autumn Term.

It details which workshops are available this term under our 6 pillars: Accelerator; Essentials, Productivity & Wellbeing; PhD in Second Language; Writing Support; Careers and finally Research Practices and Methodologies.

It includes a full schedule and links to click through to make a booking.

Workshop descriptions

Want to know more details? Is the session most suited to first years? Final years or those in between? Is there a podcast or YouTube video I could watch? What about feedback from other PGR colleagues? Then check through our supporting Workshop Handbook.Link opens in a new window

Writing Support

You are a specialist in your field – but do you still find yourself getting stuck or frustrated when you try to write about it?

The RDO Writing Programme is designed to help you ensure your writing is as effective as your research.

Find out more about the writing supportLink opens in a new window we offer .


Looking after all aspects of your wellbeing will be crucial to your enjoyment, success and fulfilment whilst undertaking your research degree.

We have a specific PhD WellbeingLink opens in a new window page and there are Masterclasses Link opens in a new windowspecifically for PGRs offered by Warwick's Wellbeing Services

More information on support across Warwick and external bodies can be found via the WellbeingLink opens in a new window Services and also via the Doctoral College pageLink opens in a new window

Helping students in distressLink opens in a new window ( Researcher Development Guide)

PhD in Second language

A PhD is challenging. Doing it in another language makes it more so.

The series is designed to support you with many aspects of the process. We cover writing and speaking, reading and presenting.

Find out what the series covers Link opens in a new windowand when sessions are available.

Podcast availableLink opens in a new window


No matter what stage of your PhD, you need to start planning where next now. Deciding what career will suit you and your skills, abilities and what you value will help you think about what you need to be doing now to get the career of your choice. In addition to running one to one coaching with a Careers Coach, check out our annual summer NextSteps CareersLink opens in a new window series.

Don't forget to look at the support available to you via the Careers ServiceLink opens in a new window

Globalised Researcher PodcastsLink opens in a new window

Post PhD PodcastLink opens in a new window

Vitae Careers PagesLink opens in a new window

Responsible Innovation

A process that seeks to promote creativity and opportunities for science and innovation that are socially desirable and undertaken in the public interest.

A variety of frameworks, tools and resources have been developed to support Responsible Innovation, for both research and business communities. They share approaches which facilitate the anticipation of consequences, and engagement with stakeholders, including policymakers and the public.

Essential planning for your research

Research Integrity

‘Research integrity’ refers to high quality and robust practice across the full research process i.e. the planning and conduct of research, the recording and reporting of results, and the dissemination, application and exploitation of findings.

Make sure you are aware of your commitments and responsibilities

Check out our 'Understanding the importance of Research Ethics & Integrity' Podcast

Research Integrity resources

University Integrity WebpagesLink opens in a new window

University Code of PracticeLink opens in a new window

Epigeum Research Integrity TrainingLink opens in a new window

RDO Integrity & Ethics WorkshopsLink opens in a new window

RDO Questionable Research WorkshopsLink opens in a new window

Dilemma GameLink opens in a new window - developed by Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Research Integrity - a landscape study Link opens in a new window

Researcher Development Framework

Using the RDF as a researcherLink opens in a new window

Professional Development Planning for ResearchersLink opens in a new window

Vitae members areaLink opens in a new window (you will need to register with your Warwick email) will enable you to access more materials, more networks and keep in touch with events within researcher community