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Convention de Stage / Convenio de Colaboración

Students undertaking work placements in France or Spain will probably be asked for a 'Convention de Stage'. The Convention is a three-way agreement between the student, the University and host company. Similarly, students undertaking a work placement in Spain may require a 'Convenio de ColaboraciĆ³n'.

The University has drafted the agreement templates below which satisfy the requirements of the French and Spanish authorities. As such, students undertaking placements in France or Spain are respectfully asked to use the template below and not to sign a document provided by the placement provider themselves.

The University of Warwick is unable to sign any document other than the approved templates. This procedure is in place to protect you and the University from any adverse liabilities and to ensure neither it (nor you) will be disadvantaged in any way.

Please ensure that you fully complete and sign the document/s, (including the 'objectives' section in both French/Spanish and English) as failure to do so will significantly delay the process. When you have done so, please submit your documents to convention at warwick dot ac dot uk.

The Director's signature will be sought on behalf of the University and your form will then be returned to you, or to the placement provider. The normal processing time for a standard agreement is 10 working days.

Finally, once all three signatures have been obtained, please ensure you provide the University with a copy in each of the languages for our reference.

Please note that the University cannot sign such an agreement for individuals who have completed their course and are arranging a placement in a personal capacity. A Convention/Convenio requires the University to confirm you are a registered student which will no longer be the case.

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