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Service Agreement for face-to-face counselling

Information for those registering for face to face counselling - welcome.

  1. Please read through the Service Agreement and when you click 'agree' this will take you through to the registration form.
  2. After you have submitted the form, then use the call to book system to arrange your appointment. Phone 02476 523761 (or call in person) to arrange a date and time for your counselling appointment that is convenient for you.
  3. Following your completion of the registration form, we will email you with quidance on how to use our call to book service and with details about our pre-counselling brief consultation sessions that you may choose to attend. If we don't hear from you for a couple of weeks after a we receive your registration, we will email you to remind you to call-to-book.

SERVICE AGREEMENT: Please read the following information and click to confirm that you have understood.

  • PRIORITISE ATTENDING Your counselling appointment will last 50 minutes from the start of your allotted appointment time. If for any reason you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, it is important to let the Counselling Service know, giving as much notice as possible. If you miss your appointment without notification you may not be contacted as a matter of course. If you wish to reschedule the missed session, there will be a wait before another appointment can be made available. You can re-register in the future if you need to.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY In general, the counsellors will not inform a third party of any details relating to your attendance at the Counselling Service without your explicit permission. There are some situations, in which counsellors may have to pass on personal information, including if there is a concern of serious risk, or when required by law to disclose, but consent to release any information is sought if at all possible. If you see or meet any member of the University Counselling staff outside of the Service, they will not initiate any contact with you.
  • On occasion, if your wellbeing is causing concern, the University support staff team involved with welfare may share information in order to ensure you are offered the most appropriate support.
  • In order to monitor and develop our counselling practice, counsellors work with consultant supervisors (external to the university) and in addition may discuss issues within the counselling staff team.
  • The Counselling Service works to the Ethical Framework for Good Practice as produced by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) to ensure we manage issues such as confidentiality in a responsible way. Further details about this are available at . The counselling staff includes counsellors in training, all of whom are clinically supervised in-house by experienced counsellors in the core team. For more information about the University Counselling Service code of confidentiality or ethical practices, please ask your counsellor.
  • RECORD KEEPING Brief summaries of sessions may be written and are kept electronically in password protected files. Factual data (such as the details you submit on this registration form eg about gender, age, etc) is used to compile anonymous statistics each year to monitor trends in the work of the Counselling Service at the University of Warwick and to contribute to national counselling surveys. Records are destroyed after six years. All records and notes are kept in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998

I have read and understood this information and give consent to undertake counselling as outlined in this agreement. Please contact the UCS for more clarification if you need it, or discuss the agreement with your Counsellor.

Agree - this will take you to the registration form.