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Induction Information 2013-14 the whole document of details and useful information for reference

Glossary of terms and abbreviations - a work in progress - please email Sam with any that are not yet on the list

FAQs for new starters (clinical) - a random range of common questions

Contact details for all staff 2013-14

Counselling Service Agreement - explaining details about confidentiality etc

Resources 2013-14 - a list of referral options throughout the UCS, throughout the university and external

Procedures to follow for face-to-face counselling

Electronic diary colour codes - NB recurring 'green slot' appointments need to be added individually

Electronic diary - a guide on how to get your electronic diary set up and how to share access and set the viewing/editing rights for others in the team

Top Sheet -(amended 3rd October 2013) the form to complete for each client (details such as session number, client code, severity rating, etc)

Annual client list - a proforma to record the list of all clients codes, etc

Severity ratings - a guide to the definitions of severity

Presenting Issues - a list of definitions - NB - choose only the main one!

Excel spreadsheet for the stats

SEQ (Service Evaluation Questionnaire) activation form

Notification of concern form (updated 25 November 2013)- to complete if you're concerned about a particular client

Notification of concern procedures

Mitigating Circumstances Procedure - to follow if you need to submit support in mitigating circumstances

Release of Information Consent form

Mitigating Circumstances form - this is a template only and can be amended to suit each case

Specific Issue Sheet pro forma - guidelines for writing an e-sheet

CBT referral - if you're considering a referral to in-house CBT, use this handy checklist

Group - Pre-group Meeting Service Agreement

FAQs for Evening Reception - useful information for those undertaking this role

UCS Procedures - a document detailing all the procedures and protocols of the UCS

Disclaimer - to be used on all emails sent out from the UCS (you can add it as a regular signature in outlook)

logos - UCS and Warwick Univeristy

Leaving the UCS - exit checklist