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Questions to help prepare me for group

If you register your interest in group, you will be sent these questions in a word document to consider before your pre-group meeting. They help you to consider yourself as a potential group member.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What attracts you to group counselling?

  2. What do you hope to learn from being in a group? What differences would you like to see in yourself?

  3. What role do you find yourself taking in groups in your life? (Eg friendship groups/family groups/work groups). Suggested roles include: joker, leader, facilitator, guru, observer, carer, conciliator, competitor, martyr rescuer, deviant, teacher, rebel, outsider, servant, you may think of others.

  4. In different groups, do you find you play different roles? please comment:

  5. How well do you feel able to listen to others?

  6. Are there any subjects/issues you might find difficult to listen to?

  7. What sort of person in a group would be your worst case nightmare scenario?

  8. What sort of person in a group would help, support and facilitate you?

  9. How would you react if someone became very upset?

  10. And what if someone else was angry? How would you react to /feel about that? Do you imagine you might get angry or upset? What might trigger this? How would that feel?

  11. What are the challenges you anticipate for you in being in a group?

  12. How do you tend to offer challenges to others in a group setting?

  13. How do you tend to receive feedback/challenge in a group setting?

  14. How would you feel if everyone in the group shared the same gender? What if everyone else had a different gender to you?

  15. How might you feel about other differences or similarities with other group members e.g. class background/race/ethnicity/religion/disabilities/sexual orientation?

  16. How would you feel if you found there was someone else in the group that you know? How would you handle this?

  17. Think about positive and negative experiences you have had in groups (including family groups). What was it that contributed to either a positive or negative feeling? Can you identify what it was about the group that contributed to this feeling? Was it size, membership, leadership, task, context or something else that you can identify?

  18. Significant relationships: Who are the helpful and accessible support contacts (friends/family) in your life presently (include the relationship not necessarily the name)?

  19. What is your family genogram: include any significant family members

Still interested? submit an 'enquiry' through . Simply click 'make an enquiry'; click 'counselling for emotional or psychological issues', click 'I'm interested in group therapy', scroll down and click 'submit enquiry'

Acknowledgement: The questions and ideas discussed above, are based in part on The Personal Development Group: The Students Guide by Chris Rose, Karnac 2008