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Fed Up Of Feeling Down


Fed up of Feeling Down

Who is it for?

Students who may feel down/blue/sad/low on occasion and want to understand what they're feeling


In this session you will cover:

  • An overview of depression, from general low mood to serious depression
  • A range of strategies to help manage low mood and depression


What will I get out of this?

By the end of the session you will have gained a better understanding of:

  • The causes and symptoms of depression
  • Where you are personally on the mood continuum
  • Techniques you can try to boost your mood
  • Tips to develop emotional resilience

Led by

Samantha – a counsellor from the University Counselling Service


Contact Trudy Haywood, 024765 23761 (ext 23761) University Counselling Services


Term 1, week 7: Thursday 15 November 2012


Upon arrival please report to our Reception, University Counselling Services, Westwood House, Westwood Campus (grid reference 2F/Building Number 74)


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