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Managing Exam Stress

Title Managing Exam Stress
Who is it for? All students who want to optimise their potential for succeeding in the exam period - especially aimed at those who maybe get a bit anxious about revising for and sitting exams.

In this session you will cover:

  • strategies to help prepare your exam revision and preparation time
  • how to cope with anxiety during an exam
  • a relaxation technique to help you to approach your exams feeling calm and collected
  • a range of factoids about exams
What will I get out of this? By the end of the session you will have gained:
  • A chance to listen to a presentation which includes lots of tips and techniques to try to help prepare for your exams
  • An option to talk with others and exchange revision and exam strategies
  • Some personalised objectives to improve your exam preparation
Led by Jo - a counsellor from the University Counselling Service
Questions? Contact our Administrators by email at or call 024765 23761, University Counselling Services

We will be running this workshop some time soon - watch this space.

Location Upon arrival please report to our Reception, University Counselling Services, Westwood House, Westwood Campus (grid reference J5) Interactive map

Quotes from the workshop evaluations:

It created a really positive atmosphere with lots of very practical, realistic tips. I really enjoy hearing those tips designed for each stage of the exam revision.

Very practical & specific advice, helpful resources & supportive environment.

Exams are part and parcel of our lives. How we manage them makes all the difference.

Really helpful - useful tips and ideas.

I really liked the workshops - helped me to get organised and gave me motivation to study more.

Great way to kick-start revision and to revise revising.

Very good, very encouraging, informative and relaxing.

The facts are sometimes obvious but hearing them from someone else helps a lot.

Quotes from workshop evaluations