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Understanding Perfectionism


  Understanding Perfectionism
Who is it for?

Students who may have very high expectations of themselves, perhaps leading to distress, or to handing in work late or not at all, because it seems that nothing will ever be good enough.

  • In this session you will cover:

    How to identify perfectionism

  • The advantages and disadvantages of perfectionist thinking

  • How to challenge perfectionism and move away from unhelpful patterns of behaviour

What will I get out of this?
  • By the end of the session you will have gained an understanding of:

    What perfectionism is and how it works

  • Whether perfectionism is an issue for you

  • Strategies for managing perfectionism Other sources of information and support

Led by Jaeda – a Counsellor from the Counselling Service and Sarah - a Wellbeing Adviser from the Wellbeing Support
Questions? Contact our Administrators by email at or call 024765 23761 (ext 23761) Counselling Services

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Location Upon arrival please report to our Reception, University Counselling Services, Westwood House, Westwood Campus (grid reference J5) Interactive map

Quotes from the workshop evaluations:

This was an excellent workshop that covered a lot of information / self-analysis in a relatively short time. The space was good. Tutor very welcoming and non-judgemental, encouraging space to talk and think.”

“An excellent session.”

“The resources were good, and it was good to become aware of how a lot of things link to perfectionism and why they may come about.”

“Good overview of things to think about in the future. Was a good duration, engaging!”

“It was very welcoming.

"Interesting information and insight provided was very relatable and allowed me to learn more about myself."

"Well structured."

"Eye-opening – I learned a lot more about myself at the way I think”

"It was in a relaxed atmosphere which made it easy to engage in the session. The leader was very welcoming and made the session incredibly enjoyable and engaging. The discussions as a group made me
feel very comfortable."

"It was good to realise for oneself to what extent and in which ways one is a perfectionist."

"Very informative."

"It helped me make sense of the problem of perfectionism."