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When You Lose Someone you Love

 When you Lose Someone you Love workshop - no current workshop date available, thank you for your interest.

Outline of the Workshop:

Loss can take many forms in life: the death of a parent or friend or partner; loss of job, or home. Grief is very much a natural process and a normal part of life. However, that does not make it any easier. The aim of this workshop is to share in and think about experiences of grief, with a view to getting a perspective that will help the coping.

Workshop Facilitator: Richard

All workshops will be held in Westwood House on the Westwood Campus. For more details, contact the Secretary, Trudy Haywood, on 024 7652 3761, internal extension 23761 or call in at the Secretary's desk, Westwood House.  

All workshops are designed and facilitated by counsellors from the UCS team.