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Administrator - personal reflection

Trudy's personal reflections

I have been a member of the UCS team for over nine years. During my time as an administrator I have worked with an amazing, supportive and focused team who have made me feel appreciated and valued. I have had the opportunity to contribute towards the development and organisation of administrative processes to offer the most efficient service possible for all.

As I leave Warwick University Counselling Service and embark upon my retirement, I leave feeling sad, however, will always hold very fond memories and feel honoured to have been part of such a dedicated, caring and professional team.

Trudy, October 2017.

Lisa's personal reflections

In July 2015 I was fortunate enough to be appointed as a UCS (University Counselling Service) Administrator. When I joined the service , I was instantly made to feel welcome, supported and part of the team, as one part of the administrative support, my colleague and I have a very open working relationship, and I have found it an important part of the success of our administrative responsibility.

It is a rewarding experience working for the service, and having a personal interest in healthy wellbeing, I feel that this has helped me bring the best of myself to the role, drawing on my empathy and instinct are too as important as my administrative ability.

Being part of the process in respectfully welcoming clients to the service and as the first point of contact (via phone, email, or at the reception) it is very important to meet the needs of each client individually.

The high level of organisation and the open door policy contributes to the level of support the admin team receives from the service.

With a bespoke database and electronic calendar system (just a couple of the systems used), these tools assist in the smooth running of the service in such a fast paced and high demand environment. Procedures evolve regularly so the ability to be open to learning new systems is important, I personally find this challenge rewarding as personal development is well supported and I have had the opportunity to attend various workshops and courses at the University.

Lisa, June 2017