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Personal Reflections

Bank Counsellor 2014 - 2018 – Alison

I have particularly enjoyed working as a Bank Counsellor with the welcoming and professional staff at Warwick, and have always felt well supported within such an established and forward-thinking team.

As a Bank Counsellor, life is always busy, as you generally see five to six clients in a typical day with ten minutes between clients to catch up on writing notes. Every few weeks you have supervision to discuss client load and ensure good, safe practice within the service.

Working as a Bank Counsellor requires much flexibility as you are called in whenever the service is particularly busy which can be difficult to predict. In addition, the length of time you work may be increased or decreased due to client demand. It requires you to carefully manage your diary, be mindful of endings and consider referring clients to other members of staff if appropriate at the end of your contract.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of being a Bank Counsellor, is incorporating the many changes that occur within the service, particularly if you experience breaks in your work there. I have particularly valued the support of the wonderful, patient administrative staff who have helped me navigate room and administrative changes and have always communicated any client requests or considerations in a timely and professional manner. The change in procedure to the ‘paperless system’ proved to be a real help whilst working as a Bank Counsellor. All records are now securely stored electronically and I have found that being able to access notes remotely has allowed me be better prepared for clients before their next session, especially when there has been a quick turn around with the counselling room at the end of my day. It has also been easier to keep a close eye on team meeting notes/pro forma/procedures etc.

As a Bank Counsellor, I have been given the opportunity to present information at the team Cascade Training Day on issues relevant to working with young adults. This (alongside the friendly coffee breaks!) has contributed to me feeling part of a very organised, and friendly and supportive team. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience over the past years and would like to thank everyone at the CS for making that possible.