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Counselling Service Ambassadors

Would you like to be a volunteer Ambassador for the Counselling Service?

If you have experience of the Counselling Service, in any capacity, you have valuable insight into how we work. You may be well placed to let others know about what is on offer and what to expect. NB you don't necessarily need to have engaged with counselling to apply.

The sort of things you may be involved with as a Counselling Service Ambassador are:

  • Letting other students and possibly staff know about the Counselling Service and promoting some key messages or busting some myths about counselling or the counselling service
  • Meeting occasionally with the other Ambassadors in a small focus-group setting to offer insights in to how the Counselling Service can improve how it runs

  • Being a contact point for the Counselling Service to seek your guidance from your student/staff perspective (we might email you to ask for your thoughts/idea/views)

  • Being the Representative at open days and other events where the Counselling Service may have a stall

It is anticipated that the time involvement would be minimal and on an ad hoc basis to suit you and your time availability.

As well as supporting fellow students/staff you will also develop useful transferrable skills.

If you’re interested, please email and you will be invited in for a brief discussion about the role.


The role of Ambassador for the Counselling Service is open to both students and staff.

Personal Reflections and Tips from current Ambassadors.

"I wanted to make sure that other members of staff knew
that this option was available to them"

"I wanted to help increase the awareness of the counselling"