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Personal Reflections of Ambassadors

Why I chose to be an ambassador: "I wanted to be an ambassador because I was so impressed with the counselling I received at Warwick. The sessions I attended gave me chance to talk freely in a non-judgemental environment and helped me to develop greater resilience to deal with different situations. As a result, I wanted to make sure that other members of staff knew that this option was available to them – we are very lucky to have the opportunity to access free counselling in our workplace and to be supported by WSS throughout our Warwick journey. As the communications contact for my department, I try to make sure my team is aware of the kind of support on offer to staff, from counselling sessions and group workshops to self-help resources." Sophie Hannah - member of staff, Ambassador

"My advice would be for people to enter counselling services with a willingness to be given questions" Arif Erdogan, Student, Ambassador

"I chose to be an ambassador because I wanted to help increase the awareness of the counselling service amongst my colleagues. I used the counselling service for a few months myself and it helped me greatly to understand and order my thoughts and to better cope with the situation I found myself in at the time. My ‘top tip’ about getting the most out of the counselling service is to note down what you would like to talk about during the session beforehand and take this with you. I found this helped to keep me on track if I felt particularly emotional during my session. HG, member of staff, Ambassador.