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Centres of Doctoral Training

Centres of Doctoral Training

We offer a variety of interdisciplinary Centres of Doctoral Training, which aim to provide postgraduate researchers with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle today's global issues. They bring together various areas of expertise and offer a dynamic environment for PhD student training. We have 15 CDTs actively recruiting cohorts, with six continuing after appointing their final cohort.


Analytical Sciences

Producing postgraduates with a unique combination of skills in exploiting synergies between different experimental methods and in harnessing the power of combining data collection with experimental design, analysis and simulation.


Recruiting through M4C. The PhD training and development hub for the Faculty of Arts at Warwick. PhD students from every department across the Faculty of Arts join the centre to take full advantage of its interdisciplinary events and networks.

Computer Sciences

Providing a stimulating research environment and opportunities for doctoral researhcers to gain foundational training, specialist knowledge, multi-disciplinary expertise and the leadership skills necessary for future computer science researchers.

Diamond Science

A gateway to the best in the UK's diamond research. Producing researhcers with a skill set that matches the interdisciplinary nature of research required to establish the UK as a front runner in the development and exploitation of emerging DST.

Frontiers in Maths & Stats

A collaboration between the Mathematics Institute and the Department of Statistics by training doctoral researchers and sharing a culture of research crossing boundaries within the mathematical sciences and reaching out to other disciplines.

Future Mobility Technology

Engineering and WMG jointly train cohorts of students who choose research across two streams: Wide Bandgap Power Electronics and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles whilst working closely with multiple leading organisations.

Global Pandemic Planning

The Institute of Global Pandemic Planning combines world-class expertise in Mathematical Epidemiology, Public Health, and Behavioural Science to develop comprehensive solutions for the impacts of pandemics.

Heterogeneous Systems

Recruiting enthusiastic, collaborative students from across the physical sciences who enjoy using their mathematical skills and thinking flexibly to solve complex problems in heterogeneous real-world systems.


Dedicated to tackling real-world problems requiring the development of novel mathematics, tackling problems through interaction with external partners from industry, finance and health representing the leading UK establishments.


A Doctoral Training Partnership between midlands Universities, led by the University of Warwick. MIBTP has an ambitious vision to deliver innovative, world-class research across the Life Sciences to boost the growing Bioeconomy in the Midlands and across the UK.


Bringing together eight leading universities across the Midlands (led by the University of Nottingham) to support the professional and personal development and training of the next generation of arts and humanities doctoral researchers.

Midlands Graduate School

A Consortium of Universities across the west midlands, led by the University of Warwick. MGS supports the professional and personal development of the next generation of social science researchers.


A cross-institutional endeavour creating future scientific leaders trained in quantitative and interdisciplinary skills. Focussing on addressing important biomedical questions with translational applications in collaboration with both the NHS and industry.


The Central England NERC Training Alliance is a consortium of Universities and research institutes that are working together to provide excellence in doctoral research training within the remit of the Natural Environment Research Council.


A Leverhulme Trust programme providing a new research training pathway for sustainability science at Warwick, offering scholarships to train a new generation of transdisciplinary leaders who are able to address current and future sustainability challenges.

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