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Joint PhD

Joint PhDs


PGRs on joint/collaborative programmes are usually required to be fully enrolled at both institutions for the duration of the course. Each institution will provide information on their own enrolment procedures. It is therefore important to regularly check student email accounts set up by each institution.

If you have any queries about the requirement to enrol please contact the relevant institution directly.  


PGRs on joint/collaborative programmes are usually required to be fully enrolled at both institutions, our standard monitoring processes apply throughout the course, even when they are not physically at the University of Warwick/in the UK.

Further information about engagement monitoring can be found on our FAQ’s page.Link opens in a new window  


Supervisors will usually be appointed at both institutions. PGRs should meet with their supervisory team on a regular basis – refer to monitoring guidance/specific agreements for details.  


Joint/collaborative agreements usually involve an element of mobility i.e. time to be spent at each institution. Specific requirements will be set out in individual agreements. However the following principles will apply: 

      • All PGRs are required to agree their travel dates with their supervisory team (i.e. supervisors at both institutions). Planned travel dates should be notified to the Warwick Doctoral College via the online form as soon as possible, including notification of changes to any previously advised dates. 

      • All PGRs incoming to Warwick for a period of mobility are responsible for ensuring that they have the appropriate visa to study in the UK. Ensure the most accurate dates for your visit to Warwick are provided via the form above as these dates will directly affect the dates and length of the student visa. Once you have provided the dates, you will then need to request a CAS so that you can start the student visa application process.  

      • Course registration- You will be fully enrolled on the course once you are in the UK before the latest course start date and completed the right to study checks. More information can be found here

        • Please note that you cannot engage in any activities on campus unless you have been fully enrolled on the course. 

      • All PGRs holding a visa to study in the UK who are travelling to a partner institute overseas are required to submit a change of study location request. Information about The Change of Study Location eligibility and how to apply can be found hereLink opens in a new window. 

Thesis submission and examination 

The requirements for examining theses vary by country – public v. private defence, possible outcomes of the examination, constitution of the examining panel. These need to be agreed together with the preferred language (if applicable). Occasionally there is a mismatch between the word limit requirements which should be factored into the agreement.


The student receives an award from both institutions. It is helpful to agree up front on whether this will be two separate certificates or a single joint one.

Staff Guidance