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Warwick Search

The Warwick search service assembles results from different sources in a single page, showing web page matches, people, map results, past exam papers, WRAP (the University's research paper archive), blogs and more. You can access the search facility at

Example searches:

  • The word law – notice the default order of the results sections: suggested results; people; campus map; website search results; exam papers; Warwick research archive; blogs
  • People called Jackson.
  • The phrase where physics – the campus map appears first in the results.
  • The phrase who law – use this query to search for people called law rather than the School of Law.
  • The phrase economics papers – papers appear first in the results.
  • The phrase blogs physics – matches for the word physics in blogs appear first in the results.

Read more about recent changes to search.

We hope that this search service helps you to find the information you need quickly, wherever you are and however you search.


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