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Features of Warwick Search

Warwick Search is the University of Warwick's internal search engine, available at

Search all web pages including:

  • Content you need to sign in to view – when you're signed in, you see more results
  • SiteBuilder calendars and news pages
  • Campus map
  • Past exam papers made available by academic departments
  • WRAP, our institutional archive of research papers
  • Documents and files e.g. PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
  • Warwick Blogs

Search for a person

Warwick Search indexes information about people at Warwick – including their email address and phone details, home page, blog or e-portfolio (if they have one) – and makes it searchable to Warwick staff and students.

Add your own ‘live search’ to your web pages

You can embed a live search box in your own SiteBuilder pages that returns results as you type a search query. It's possible to limit the search scope to your own SiteBuilder website or a specific section of a site.

Search metadata including keywords

The indexer includes keywords in SiteBuilder pages, and tags on Warwick Blogs entries and images. If you search for that keyword the results appear, even if the term is not included in the page or blog entry itself. You can also restrict your search results by keywords.

RSS and JSON feeds of search results

We provide RSS and JSON feeds of search results. These allow results to be crawled and included in web services. For example, you can create a SiteBuilder page that shows the latest search results for a particular term, personalised to each user.


SiteBuilder support forum
Email webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk