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Search for past exam papers

You can search for past Warwick exam papers using the search box at the top right of our website or directly at
  1. Enter your search query – for example, economics papers – then press Enter or select the search icon.
  2. In the search results, scroll to the section headed Exam Papers. The results include the module code, title and year of any past exam papers that match your search query.
  3. Select the module code link under each year to view the exam paper as a .pdf file.

Note: these papers are for private study purposes only. You may print them, but you must not distribute them in any form, even to other students.

The papers in the search results are those released by departments. Some departments only allow two years to be kept, while some allow up to five. In any case, students should be aware that module content changes and earlier papers may contain topics that are no longer in the current course. You should rely more on your lecturers and the current course handbook than past papers.