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How do I let someone download a file from my page?

Before you upload a file to your page, please bear in mind that files are not as accessible as regular web pages, so you should ensure that any important information (event schedules etc) is also included within a regular HTML page on your site (see more information on using different formats on the web).

If you want users to be able to download a file from your page:

  • the file must be uploaded to the web
  • there must be a link to the file on the page

You can upload and link to a file in one go by using the links picker, providing you have Contributor, Edit or Admin permissions on the page.

  1. Browse to the page of your site where you want to link to the file.
  2. Hover over the 'Edit' link and select 'Edit centre content' or 'Edit right content'.
  3. In the content editor, select (highlight) the text that you wish to use as the link and click on the Links picker icon.
    A new window will open showing all the pages and files on your website:

    Links picker screen 
  4. If the file is already uploaded to your site:
    Browse through the list and click on the file that you would like users to be able to download.
    If the file is currently located on your computer:
    Click on the 'Your computer' tab and click 'Choose File'. Browse to find the file and double-click the filename. 
  5. If you wish you can modify the Link caption (the text which links to the file) or type in a Link tooltip (text that will appear when a user hovers over the link).
  6. Click 'Insert'. You should see that the text you selected has become a hyperlink (blue and underlined). You can also at this point include a document icon near the link, to warn users that clicking on the link will open a file rather than a web page.
  7. Click 'Publish'.
Note: Users will need to have view permissions on the file in order to download it. If you linked to a file that was already uploaded to the Warwick website, you will need to check that the view permissions on the file are correct (you can check this using the Files toolbar).

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