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What is the links picker?

    The links picker is a feature which can be accessed via the content editor and which opens in a new window. It shows you a list of all the pages and files on your website and it is useful for creating relative links.

    To open the links picker, click on this button in the content editor: Links picker button. The links picker will open in a new window and will look like this

    Links picker screen

    Relative links should be used when you are linking to other pages within the same website. The relative links picker has been designed to help you create and add relative links to your site. Relative links are much more efficient and they have the advantage that they are much less likely to break if you move or rename a page. For detailed instructions on how to add relative links, please see the following two FAQs:

    How do I add a hypertext link to my page?
    What is a relative link?


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