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Notification of new bookings

When you administer a bookings page, you can choose to receive email notifications when someone makes, edits or cancels a booking. Alternatively, you can direct notifications to someone else – for example, the person who maintains a resource.

Note: notifications apply to every resource in the bookings page template.

To set up notifications:

  1. Go to your bookings page.
  2. Go to Manage resources > Settings.
  3. Under Notifications, select Add a notification.
  4. The Add notification pop-up window appears. Enter your name in Send notification to.
  5. Alternatively, to notify someone else, enter their usercode in the Send notification to box. If you don't know their usercode, start typing their name. As you type, you can see matching names. When you find the person you're looking for, select their name.
  6. Choose whether to send the notification to the person's default address or another email address.
  7. Choose between the following options on when to send notifications:
    • A booking is created  you or the specified person receive an email whenever someone books a resource, or modifies or deletes an existing booking
    • A booking period is about to start – you or the specified person receive an email whenever a booking is due to start within the next hour
  8. Select Add notification. You can now see the new notification under the Notifications section.
  9. Select Save changes.

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