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Education Conference 2018

Tuesday, 15th May 2018

Ramphal Building, University of Warwick

Warwick is signalling its strong commitment to renowned and distinctive education. Change is afoot and this year our story is one of beginnings. Over the last 12 months a new Education Directorate has been appointed, a new Education Strategy drafted, a major institutional review of assessment initiated, promotion criteria instituting parity of opportunity and esteem for research and teaching designed, and campus development continues. Preparations for TEF Year 3 are underway (with 50 providers are piloting subject level TEF) and departmental action plans are being implemented in response to the Institutional Teaching and Learning Review. The NSS (as always) brings new enhancement goals.This conference will explore how we can work together to build upon and improve existing practices in order to realise our individual and institutional goals, as we secure Warwick’s reputation for high quality research-led education, strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary identities and pedagogies, inclusive and internationalised curricula.

Call for papers

This year we are moving from an annual ‘teaching and learning showcase’, which celebrates an end point, to an education conference which denotes coming together in shared interest, creating space to debate the nature of good teaching. For this reason the call is open – open to all, open in format and open in scope. It is also a call for openness, honesty, and courage to confront our failures so to learn from them.

We welcome proposals from all members of the educational community at Warwick, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, postgraduate researchers, academics, professional services, community partners, and industry partners. We hope to create a space to enable colleagues and partners in teaching and learning to share practice, ask questions, seek solutions, and to converse, critique and challenge. It also offers you an opportunity to disseminate pedagogic research, works in progress and the outcomes of pedagogic projects.

Please note: we expect all proposals to offer some space for dialogue.

Formats might include but are not limited to:

  • Facilitated discussion/roundtable: if you wish to propose a roundtable discussion the submission should include an overview of the topic and pose some critical questions that the roundtable discussion will explore. These sessions will be chaired by the person who proposes the roundtable;
  • panel debate;
  • twitter chat;
  • poster;
  • workshop;
  • learning set for joint practice development (these might extend beyond the conference);
  • research paper;
  • symposium: 2-3 thematically linked papers. If proposing a symposium please give an overarching abstract for the symposium as a whole as well as titles and abstracts for each paper (maximum 200 words) within the symposium. The contact person will be the person named as ‘Main presenter’;
  • Pecha Kucha/Ignite/lightening talk;
  • TeachMeet/micro-teach (7 mins)/nano-teach (2 mins);
  • performance;
  • world café.

Proposals to be submitted by Monday 26 March 2018.

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Conference wishlist?

We are interested to hear what sort of sessions would like to attend, both at the conference and throughout the year. Please click on the icon below to share your Conference wishlist with us.

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Keynote Speakers
Professor Sue Bloxham


Sue Bloxham is an Emeritus Professor of Academic Practice at the University of Cumbria. She has published widely in the field including the best-selling 'Developing Effective Assessment in Higher Education' (Open University Press) with Pete Boyd and was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2007. She has also researched and published on matters such as authentic assessment, student skills development, group assessment, feedback, course design, marking, moderation and external examining. She was a co-author of the Higher Education Academy’s 'A Marked Improvement guide to transforming assessment in the University sector'. Sue was chair of the international Assessment in Higher Education Conference until 2017. In recent years, her research has focused on communicating assessment expectations to students, the use of standards by academics and driving assessment change at the institutional level. She was principal investigator for the Higher Education Academy’s influential 2015 'Review of External Examining Arrangements' and is now playing a key role in the 'HEA’s Degree Standards Project' developing external examiners and comparability of standards in higher education. Sue is regularly invited to speak on the topic of assessment at Universities and conferences in the UK and abroad.

You can find more information on her contributions to the Education Conference 2018 here.

(Twitter handle: @Sue_Bloxham)


Registration to the conference will open soon.


The programme for the Education Conference 2018 will be available to download here closer to the conference date.


If you have any queries regarding the Education Conference 2018 or need further guidance in preparing your proposal please email