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Library Associates

The Library Associates are a group of undergraduate students who work with the Library to encourage communication between students, academic departments and the Library.

  • They regularly gather feedback from their peers and meet with Library staff to discuss any issues raised. They also help to shape the Library’s decision-making in response, and improve the services for students
  • If you have feedback on any aspect of the Library, please do contact a Library Associate. They will present your thoughts and ensure that your voice is heard
  • The Associates also offer support to help students make the best use of the Library. They are present in the Library at key points in the year, and can also be contacted for help and advice using the form below
  • If you are interested in becoming an Associate, please contact your Academic Support Librarian for an informal chat about the scheme at any time. We recruit in term 3 each year, for the following academic year

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2019-20 Associates

 Alisha Pulham

English & German

 Erin Hutton


 Marta Meazza


 Rose Downton


 Garv Mongia


 Keshav Thakrar


 Ellie Cregg


 Lucy Burn


 Bianca Giacalone


 Brendon Rodrigo


 Karen Wandia


 Fatema Abulrasul


 Ali Shah


 Callum Bains


 Sophie Farrant


 Josephine Murphy


 Helen Psatha

Philosophy with Psychology

 Dhruv Swarup


 Lucas Samuel


 Ellie Craddock


 Esin Sofueva


 Kristof Tuzes


 Purvi Agarwal


 Rachel Liu


 Ranya Younis


 Shreyaan Gupta


What the scheme has achieved

Here are some of the issues identified by previous Library Associates, and the Library’s actions to address them:

  1. Problem reading lists:We identified and chased problem modules got hold of missing reading lists. This has also emphasised to members of academic staff the importance of sending their lists to the Library
  2. English students struggling to access primary texts: We work with the English department to improve the issue of students’ access to primary texts (including closer liaison on reading lists, possible bursaries for poorer students and agreeing a departmental limit for the cost of primary texts to be purchased for a module). We have also now changed all primary texts on reading lists to 3 day loans, to ensure the maximum number of students can access a Library copy
  3. Students would like it to be easier to pass books on to each other: We have worked with LitSoc to set up and promote a Pass the Book facebook page, to make it much easier for students to exchange copies of texts
  4. Students would like it to be quicker and easier to request books for the Library: We now have a “more books” scheme, running at key points in the academic year, to make it quicker and easier for students to request the books they need for the Library
  5. Students would like more book stock focused on key areas: We have identified areas of the collection for further development, and spent the allocated money for the Library Associate scheme on these texts
  6. English students would like a regular update from the Library, with news, advice and tips: We now have a termly newsletter, to keep English students posted on new developments in the Library

Our fabulous 2018-19 cohort of
Library Associates

Here is what our Associates said about their time working with the Library:

It’s been brilliant to see the Library not only caring about the voice of the students but also acting on it. On a personal level, it’s been fascinating to see how the Library works and to learn more about the huge variety of services. (3rd year English)
Really good way to get a student voice in Library discussions. Talking to people involved in highest levels of the Library makes it feel like you’re making a real contribution
The Library Associate scheme has allowed me to gain an insight into how the Library works, which has massively improved my independent research. It’s been really enjoyable and nice to see the changes the Library has made this year for students
The scheme has been great for finding out what students really want from the Library and seeing their recommendations implemented to enact real change
The library scheme has been a really rewarding experience for me. I’ve particularly appreciated learning about the way the library acquires books, and why the e-book system is sometimes limited to one user at a time. Witnessing the processes behind the scenes has made me more understanding of the issues the library is facing, and I think if other students saw the same issues they would be less likely to blame the library for problems that it can’t control
Engagement from the Library is really valuable. It’s nice to see concerns of students are taken on board. I think people see that and are grateful
It has been really interesting to see and understand more about how the Library works. Being involved in improving the library for English students has been a great experience – very rewarding overall
Been very enlightening – really gained a new perspective of University management that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else
I've really enjoyed all the experiences and opportunities the scheme has provided
I enjoyed learning more about how I can get the most out of the library, especially about databases and library schemes that would be useful to me in further study, e.g. 1 on 1 essay help. I can pass this information and advice on to my peers
I enjoyed the feeling of community with fellow Library Associates students and the staff. I also enjoyed that I got to know the Library a lot more and understand how it works. Somehow it has made me feel a lot more involved in university life
I liked seeing my contributions made reality (e.g. more books, asking for plug sockets). Liked having a good relationship between myself and the academic librarians. Felt more at ease with ordering books/documents through them. Think the most successful part was combining with SSLC questionnaire [for English]
The direct interaction with the Library staff worked well as it made it feel like feedback was really appreciated and would be taken on board. Also, regular meetings as issues came up that were more important at certain times of year e.g. essay/exam season
I enjoyed learning more about how the Library works, playing a role in book ordering and being a link between students and library staff
I enjoyed finding out that there were good reasons for common problems (e.g. study space, long waits to get books). Starting the More Books campaign
I know a lot more about how the Library runs and the various services available
I liked knowing what resources the Library offers behind the scenes. Pass the Book (promote), More Books (make this more known)

2016 - 17 Library Associates

Some of our amazing founding
Library Associates from 2016-17