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Economic data

What is Economic Data?

Economic data includes national and international statistics on all major economic themes, including industry, production, national income, GDP, national and personal expenditure, employment and trade.

National governments and NGOs provide a lot of good data which can be accessed from their websites, for example UNData, the World Development Indicators (World Bank) and Eurostat.

The Library subscribes to several additional databases which provide ready-made tables, and allow you to construct your own dataset. These include OECD iLibrary, UK Data Service and Datastream.

 What resources can I use?

  • Datastream Terminal on Floor 1, Library - worldwide and financial economic data
  • Eurostat - statistics and Eurostat publications containing a wide range of topics, relating to EU member states
  • OECD iLibrary - OECD books, periodicals, workign papers and statistical data covering a wide range of topics
  • UK Data Service (formerly Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) - UK socio-economic data including large-scale government surveys, business microata, qualitative studies and census data, plus international time series
  • UNData - a wide range of data collected by United Nations agencies

Other useful sources of statistics.