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IB1170 Information Skills Tutorial

This tutorial supports the 1st year undergraduate module Markets, Marketing and Strategy (IB1170). Its purpose is to guide you to the most appropriate sources of information for your studies, teach you how to search for information, engage critically and evaluate your sources, and how to correctly reference a variety of sources that you will use in your assignments.

The tutorial comprises of 3 sections. To complete each section you must work through the content before submitting answers to a multiple choice quiz. The three sections of the quiz will be released on a weekly basis. All three sections must be completed in order, by the dates specified below.

 Finding sources

Learn how to search for and identify subject specific sources for your assignments.

Available Week 2 - Friday 13th October

Deadline Week 3 - Friday 20th October 12pm

 Evaluating sources

Learn how to critically evaluate the sources you find and incorporate them into your work.

Available Week 3 - Friday 20th October

Deadline Week 4 - Friday 27th October 12pm

 Referencing sources

Discover why referencing is important, and how to use referencing styles correctly.

Available Week 4 - Friday 27th October

Deadline Week 5 - Friday 3rd November 12pm

After you have completed this tutorial, please take some time to provide your feedback, thankyou.