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Social and panel data

What is social and panel data?

  • Social data includes statistics on social topics such as population, families, education, health and health care, migration and crime
  • It is mainly provided by national governments and NGOs, through services such as UNData, World Development Indicators (World Bank) and Eurostat
  • The Library subscribes to databases, including OECD iLibrary and UK Data Service, which provide ready-made tables, and allow you to construct your own dataset

 Resources What resources can I use?

  • Eurostat - statistics and Eurostat publications containing a wide range of topics, relating to EU member states
  • OECD iLibrary - OECD books, periodicals, workign papers and statistical data covering a wide range of topics
  • UK Data Service (formerly Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS)) - UK socio-economic data including large-scale government surveys, business microata, qualitative studies and census data, plus international time series
  • UNData - a wide range of data collected by United Nations agencies

Other useful sources of statistics.

 VideoVideo guides

OECD iLibrary: