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Completion Placement Plan for Work

Please note that the Completion Placement Plan:

  • MUST be signed NO EARLIER than 5 days prior to the END of your placement and uploaded to evision.
  • MUST be fully completed and signed and dated by your host institution - typed signatures cannot be accepted.
  • WORK placement must be at least 2 FULL months in duration to retain Erasmus+ eligibility.
  • Usually the start date on your completion plan should match the start date on your arrival plan
  • However it's fine for the end date on your completion plan to be different to the expected end dates on your arrival plan and grant receipt etc.
  • You MUST complete your transcript of work as well. It is a MANDATORY form.
  • If you want to use a different bank account for your final instalment you can submit new bank details which will supersede the old ones.

Form MUST be completed in line with European Commission and British Council Erasmus+ regulations, otherwise Erasmus+ grant WILL NOT be paid to you.

Completion Plan Form

How to fill in your Completion Placement Plan correctly - please see an example here

Please follow the instructions above concerning your completion plan. Otherwise you could face long delays and/or reduction in the amount of your final Erasmus grant instalment. This form is for students on work placements, not study placements.

Wording to be used for Language Assistants working in France

Wording to be used for Language Assistants working in Germany