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Transcript - Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR)

The University of Warwick now provides all Study Abroad students with their results on a Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR), which is a transcript of records.

The HEAR is available to students through an account initially accessed using their Warwick email address. The Warwick email address remains active for a period of 12 months after the end date of the placement. Students are able to change their access registration to a personal email account if they wish to extend their registration.

The University of Warwick issues a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) to all undergraduate students as the official record of their academic achievements. The HEAR is issued as an electronic document and also provides information about the programme of study and additional achievements undertaken whilst at university. It is hoped that the information provided on the HEAR will prove useful both to graduates entering the job market and to potential employers, as well as to current students as a formative document.

Students will receive an email explaining about registration for their HEAR at the end of their official study period, when they will need to register their details with ‘GradIntel’ who provide the HEAR document electronically.

Please do be aware that not all module marks will be immediately available. The HEAR will be updated as the missing marks are finalised at the examination boards.

How to share your HEAR

The procedure for sharing your HEAR with third parties is as follows:

Log into your account via

  1. Click on “University Services” menu option on the left side of your account homepage.
  2. On the next page, click on green “Share my HEAR” icon.
  3. On the next page, specify the restrictions of your share request and then click on “Share with New Recipient”.
  4. On the next page, define the new recipient’s contact details and click “Share Now”.

That will then send an e-mail with HEAR access token to the recipient’s e-mail address, so that they can view your HEAR.

Further information about the HEAR is available at

and accessing your account via

 Important Note:

On your HEAR it may indicate that the transcript is 'not yet certified'. This is the normal phrasing for exchange students transcripts as you are not completing your full degree programme at Warwick. The HEAR / transcript is still valid and all marks once released on the HEAR / transcript are verified by Warwick.