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Public and Community Engagement Staff Awards 2022: Celebrate the work from Mark Hinton

We are delighted to hear that Mark Hinton, our Community Engagement Development Manager at CLL, has won the Staff Awards for Warwick Awards for Public and Community Engagement 2022.

The Warwick Awards for Public and Community Engagement (WAPCE) seeks to recognise the vital contributions Warwick staff and students make in engaging the public – on an international and national level as well as crucially within our region and local communities – in our learning and discovery, with the goals of sharing and co-producing knowledge, strengthening the role we play in the region and showcasing the role Warwick plays nationally and internationally in making the world a better place.

Mark standing between his nominee Gemma Wright (on the left), and an important community work partner Dr Nor Aziz (on the right side)

Mark being awarded standing in between his nominator Gemma Wright and local community organiser Dr Nor Aziz

Mark has been recognised for his great contribution towards community engagement. As Marks’ referee put it,

“Mark’s engagement activity underpins Warwick being seen as part of the local community, facilitating networks for organisations and opportunities for development, beneficial to all involved”. Over the last seven years Mark has carried out what could be described as “one long targeted intervention with a non-traditional audience” in the local community of Canley, playing a key role in transforming the relationship between the University and our neighbourhood next door. By working with the community and understanding their needs Mark has supported a range of activities and funding opportunities into the area, helping by managing projects where needed or stacking chairs alongside community groups. By using the Planning for Real process and bringing in a PfR expert to train colleagues and community members Mark has ensured that suggestions and changes for Canley were prioritised and actioned, linking with the City Council and other agencies to make change happen. Mark’s work directly feeds into the Warwick student experience through the module Community Engagement: Theory into Practice for IATL and the adult outreach activities of the Centre for Lifelong Learning through the Developing Community Leadership module. Through Mark’s work the relationship between the university and our neighbours in Canley has been strengthened and expanded, making us part of one community."

In response to his winning of the Awards, Mark replied:

"It is an honour to be recognised for my work with our many partners in developing Community Engagement at Warwick, and a greater honour to be able to be part of the University celebrating the significance of our partnership with our neighbours in Canley, so many of whom have contributed to what is now a thriving community sector in the area. The Centre for Lifelong Learning's commitment to making Higher Education study at Warwick accessible to adults in our region is still strong after more than 30 years, and working alongside community organisations is a fundamental part of this commitment. I look forward to this work continuing to develop, starting with the second annual Canley ParadeLink opens in a new window in a couple of weeks time!"

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