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Top Tips for Joining CLL from Students

Joining the Centre for Lifelong Learning is both an exciting and nervous time, especially for students returning to education after a long period of time or students who are taking the next step in furthering their education. To help with your next step, our current students have come up with their top tips on joining CLL.


“Never give up hope, you can achieve more than you think right at this point! Stay positive, drink coffee - lots of it!”
Current 2+2 student at Coventry College, starting the 2nd year.

life 50

“Learning grid in University house is a great place to study. It's generally quiet and often got pcs available.”
2+2 Degree Pathway Graduate 2018


If you have any issues or concerns whether personal or medical talk to Elaine Moore, [CLL’s Student Welfare Officer] she does help! Don’t suffer in silence that can affect your grades. Also, see your personal tutor mine was very helpful.”
2+2 Degree Pathway Graduate 2018


“Another top tip is, if you are at a partner college, particularly in year 2, come across to campus when you can so you are familiar with it. Come year 3 you will be glad you did. You can find the study spots that suit you, the best places for a snack and of course all the shortcuts from building to building.”
2+2 Degree Pathway Graduate 2018


Check out the shuttle bus

2+2 Degree Pathway Graduate 2018

[connects you from Westwood Campus, the home of CLL, to the main campus where your lectures are, study areas, main bus stops and also travels to Canley station if you commute via train.]


“Love the library. It’s your new best friend. And librarians know everything.

“Seriously though - book a 1:1 with a librarian early on- they can show you how to do journal searches, use the catalogue, find books etc. which will become extremely useful, broaden your readings, and save you hours when writing on a deadline.”
2+2 Degree Pathway Graduate 2018


"Talk to other students when you’re feeling unsure and that you’re the only one who didn’t understand the lecture. You’ll usually find they feel the same. + Get to know the students in the year above as they can offer invaluable support and tips."
2+2 Degree Pathway, starting the 4th (final) year

inside cafe Patricia, Rachel 2

Make use of the free ITS training - it's well worth the time invested could save you time and stress in the long run. I found them really useful: Word long documents, Excel, SPSS, EndNote and particularly OneNote.”
2+2 Degree Pathway Graduate 2017, current postgraduate student

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More information for students preparing to join CLL can be found on our website. If you're considering joining CLL there is still time! Book in for an informal chat with us about your options, or call 02476524617.