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Information for Employers

Three professionals in a conference roomThe Centre for Lifelong Learning had expertise in delivering career development programmes, blended learning and apprenticeships. The University has a strong track record in developing and delivering flexible and innovative programmes of study to meet sectoral and learners’ needs. The Higher Apprenticeship Career Development Professional will allow your employees to develop their careers while improving their skills and knowledge in their roles.

The Centre for Lifelong Learning has developed a Higher Apprenticeship Career Development Professional (incorporating the PG Cert Career Development Work) in response to sectoral need, and in close consultation with a range of employers and professional associations.

During the two year programme, 20% of the employee's normal working hours must be used for off-the-job training, e.g. on campus, at work but learning, in a virtual classroom, working on a project; 80% on the job learning. This ensures the employee will have the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to fulfil the job requirements.