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CE938 Technology, E-learning and the Web & CE925 Technology, E-learning and the Web (Certificate)

Module leader: John Gough

Module running in 2020/21

The Technology, E-learning and the Web modules enable all HE career and employability professionals to design and deliver technology-enhanced solutions in their work. You will develop understanding and skills in technology, e-learning and the web in two contexts (CE938) or one context (CE925). You will also develop confident and creative practice in relation to technology, e-learning and the web informed by key career development concepts. The modules focus on developing effective practice appropriate to a range of career and employability-related roles e.g. management, education, marketing, employer-facing, information, advice, guidance or coaching.

Learning outcomes

1/ Comprehensively distinguish a range of aims, roles and contexts relevant to technology, e-learning and the web
2/ Systematically identify a range of technology-based solutions
3/ Critically evaluate relevant aims, roles, contexts and technology-based solutions.
4/ Carefully analyse practices and stakeholder needs.
5/ Systematically apply the knowledge listed above to enhance delivery in two contexts (CE938) or one context (CE925).
6/ Creatively use the knowledge listed above to design revised or new provision.


  • The broad aims and goals of this work
  • The contexts in which technology, e-learning and the web are used
  • New technologies in careers, employability, recruitment and education
  • Facilitating career and employability learning through technology, e-learning and the web
  • E-learning
  • Writing for the web
  • Search and analysis for websites
  • Website design and architecture
  • Digital literacy
  • Creating strategic information architecture that supports learning
  • Coaching students in the use of resources
  • Surveying of students and other stakeholders
  • Quality assurance
  • Developing the current service
  • Evaluation of resources
  • Project planning
  • Understanding data
  • Implementation and procurement
  • Impact analysis
  • Assessment of learning (e.g. learning analytics, learning outcomes)
  • Integration into existing and/or future working context.

Summary of teaching

30 hours of blended learning predominantly made up of intensive, residential workshops with further materials and help provided via a virtual learning environment, online reading, and webinar support. The linked residential is advertised with a slightly different title in the AGCAS calendar as Technology Enhanced Careers and Employability Learning: Technology, E-learning and the Web.

Module timing and duration
Usually, this module runs once a year in July. Participants should check the AGCAS calendar, register for this residential with AGCAS, and also complete a Warwick module registration form. Participants are allowed 5 months to complete.

Summative assessment
The assignment consists of a 5000 word (CE938) or 2500 word (CE925) project (100%). Typically, participants are asked to evaluate one or two areas of technology, e-learning or web-related provision in relation to their context.